• Things to keep in mind while researching a topic.

    • The topic/project must be on a high school honors class level. No elementary level projects!
    • Pick something interesting to you since you will be working on this for a while.
    • You will end up doing this project outside of the classroom and you must provide all materials so pick something you can do. Go over these materials with your parents BEFORE submitting your idea.
    • If you choose a project that needs to be done in a lab or facility, you must make arrangements to do so.
    • It needs to be something you can investigate on your own without a lot of help from others.
    • Your project must be an experiment that produces numerical data measured in SI units (metric system).
    • All projects need to be approved by your teacher before starting.
    • You cannot have people exercise or eat for your experiment. You can’t use hazardous activities or materials just because it sounds fun.
    • If you choose to work with people or animals (vertebrates), you are required to get prior authorization from a professional (i.e. vet) and consent. (You can, just keep in mind it’s a lot more work.)

    Science Fair Categories (pick one):

    Animal Science



    Behavioral & Social

    Earth & Environmental

    Physics & Astronomy

    Biomedical & Health


    Plant Sciences

    Cellular/Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

    Intelligent Machines, Robotics, & Software

    Environmental Engineering

    Math & Computational




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