Language Arts


What Are We Learning?

  • During this final quarter, we will be reviewing standards with which the students struggled. These standards include:

    RI.1.1- Students will practice quoting accurately when answering questions and making inferences.

    RI.1.2- Students will determine the main idea(s) of informational text and write accurate summaries of the text.

    RI.2.5- Students will determine the text structure of a text and then compare that to the text structure of another text.

    RI.2.6- Students will find similarities and differences between multiple accounts of the same event.

    RI.3.8- Students will find connections between the points the author makes and the evidence used to support those points.

    L.1.2d- Students will properly format titles of books, poems, magazines, songs, etc.

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Vocabulary Words

  • The test on these words is Friday, April 9.

    1. their: relating to, b belonging to, or made by them; the possessive form of "they"

    2. there: in, that, or to that place

    3. they're: contraction of "they are"

    4. to: toward

    5. too: also or excessively

    6. two: a number that is one less than three and one more than one

    7. know: to be aware through observation, inquiry, or information; to be friendly or familiar with someone

    8. no: not any; used to indicate the opposite of what is being said

    9. write: mark words, letters, or symbols on paper with a pen or pencil

    10. right: acceptable; true or correct

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