Below is the a basic timeline for this year's units. This timeline will be followed as closely as possible (with regard to time) as the needs of my students may vary on different topics. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me. 

    Wishing everyone a great year ahead

    - Mr. Rhodes

     Please note: There will be a comprehensive mastery exam at the beginning of the year and quarterly mastery examseach quarter in addtion to the state mandated End Of Course Exam in Early/Mid May. Students will be given the dates as they become as soon as possible


    Quarter 1 (7 Aug - 13 Oct) :

    Introduction to Biology Nature of Science
    Properties of Water Macromolecules
    Cell Structure & Function Immune Response

    Quarter 2 (16 Oct - 19 Dec):

    Cell Structure & Function Immune Response (continued)
    Plant Structures
    Cellular Energy
    Human Reproduction

    Quarter 3 (3 Jan - 23 Mar):

    Human Reproduction (continued)
    Genetics & Meiosis
    Molecular Genetics

    Quarter 4 (26 Mar - 25 May):

    Classification & Taxonomy
    Cardiovascular Health
    **STATE EOC WINDOW: 16 Apr - 11 May**
    Biology Projects (TBD)