• We're always in need of supplies.  If you could send me...

    • cardboard tubes (from paper towels, aluminum foil or plastic wrap rolls, and bathroom paper);
    • plastic six-pack rings;
    • coffee cans;
    • wood scraps;
    • wire hangers;
    • one gallon milk or water jugs (empty and rinsed, please, thanks);
    • old tools;
    • broken toys we can tear apart;
    • old, working flash drives;
    • old dominoes (incomplete sets are fine);
    • shoeboxes; and
    • 2 liter bottles (rinsed, please).

    I will also happily accept donations of...

    • colored pencils;
    • reams or printing paper;
    • extra pencils; and
    • anything you think might be useful in a classroom, just please run it by me.

    Keep an eye on this page.  I may want more to re-use and recycle!

    I do not, at present, need more cardboard boxes.  If that changes, I will promptly let you know.