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    Mrs. Sigmon's Kindergarten Class


    Kindergarten is an exciting year filled with growth socially as well as academically.  For a lot of students, kindergarten is their first experience in school, and I want to make sure they find joy in being at school or as in our case right now, learning at home.  They have a long way to go until they hit high school graduation.  Instilling a love for learning sets a fantastic foundation for them.  I want your child to love school!  As a kindergarten teacher, I am always asking myself, "Am I connecting with each child?" Every child needs to have a sense of belonging in their classroom.  I strive to make each child feel like they belong, they are safe, and they are loved by their teacher.

     With our new virtual learning platform, it is expected that each student does their assignments and a picture is taken and sent via class dojo or email.  I will be taking one grade a week in each subject area.  You do not need to take a picture of i-ready minutes completed because I have access to this information.  Please do not stress, as we are learning this all together.  

      My office hours are 8-9am and 5-6pm.

    Your special this week is art. Click on the link below for assignment.


  • Helpline  352-867-2100

    Open M-F, 7:30-4:30.

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  • Please log into i-ready and complete 45 minutes in reading and in math each week.  I-ready is serious business, and when at school, I am always monitoring behavior and walking around.  We want to see an 80% or better passing rate.  Parents it is okay to sit beside your child through the instuction portion and talk about what is happening.  When it comes to the quizes, those should be done independently so the results will be accurate.  We want them at their working level, not yours. :)  Thank you


    Having trouble getting on to i-ready?

    The key is  to update your  iOS with the newest iOS. This is in settings and you have to have Your device  plugged into the wall. It takes about 15 minutes. Then  download the  Iready student app.  Lastly,  open the desktop and click on the Iready tile. It should work automatically. 
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