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    3rd: FHW27Q

    5th: 6KCNAQ

    6th: 8252DQ



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    Standard Based Grading

    In this course we will be using unit based grading, here's what that means:

    For each unit, there will be a percent assigned based on the amount of time we spend on the unit during the quarter. Within that percentage of time, you will receive a breakdown of grades for homework, quizzes, classwork, tests, etc. 

    Within each unit, this will be the grading policy:

    A (100%-90%)

    B (89%-80%)

    C (79%-70%)

    D (69%-60%)

    F (59%-0%)


    Assignment Weights:

    Tests 40%

    Quizzes/CW 50%

    Homework 10%


  • Week 10: 10/9-10/13

    Posted by David Rau on 10/8/2017


    Today we learned to work with complex numbers

    Complex numbers

    2 Khan Academies

    Add and Subtract/Multiply



    Today was our Mach Multiple Choice Quadratics Exam

    Remember: This exam can replace the other exam if you obtain a higher score! 

    We'll go over it Wed. and you'll take your final Quarter exam Block day

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  • Week 9 10/2-10/6

    Posted by David Rau on 10/1/2017


    Today we learned how to use i within the quadratic formula

    Quadratic formula, imaginary solutions

    you have 1 new Khan assignment 



    Today is your studyguide work day.

    If you're absent here it is

    additionally, Khan Academy has a "practice test" of sorts that I think is very useful to help you master your understanding

    Khan Link

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can take a practice test. After you take it, it will recommend things to review.

    Take it once or twice to really solidify your knowledge. 



    Today we reviewed our study guide

    Your test is BLOCK DAY be prepared!

    Khan Redemption Week is still happening! Finish all that you can by friday night!




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  • Week 8: 9/25-9/29

    Posted by David Rau on 9/24/2017


    Today we reviewed all our quadratic notes so far. 

    Tomorrow we begin a new section of quadratics

    You have 1 new Khan assignment

    Quadratics by factoring USE THE QUADRATIC FORMULA



    Today we learned

    basic factoring techniques

    we had two new khan assignments 

    Quadratics by factoring intro and Features of Quadratics



    Today we learned advanced factoring techniques


    3 KHan

    Factoring by grouping, Perfect Squares, Difference of Squares



    Today we looked at completing the square to solve problems.

    Here are the notes

    There are two new Khan assignments

    Complete the square (intermediate) and Solve by taking square roots



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  • Week 7: 9/18-9/22

    Posted by David Rau on 9/18/2017

    Today we introduced quadratic functions,

    we graphed them using the VERTEX form

    Here are the notes

    We have 1 Khan assignment due WED 9/20

    Graphing from Vertex Form



    Today we introducted the standard form of quadratics.


    We have 1 new khan assignment due THURS 9/21

    Graphing from Standard Form



    Today we talked about modeling real life scenarios with quadratics. 

    Here are the notes

    practice the standard form and vertex form khan academy because there will be a small quiz on 9/21-9/22



    Today we quizzed on vertex and standard form! 

    If you were absent please come by PH to make it up

    We then introduced the quadratic formula

    Quadratic Formula Notes

    There are 2 Khan academies

    Quadratic Formula, Number of real solutions for Quadratics


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  • Week 5: 9/5-9/8

    Posted by David Rau on 9/4/2017


    Subsitution and Elimination

    Khan work:

    Substitution and Elimination Due WED NIGHT



    Systems of equations word problems

    Khan: Systems of Equations word problems

    Due FRIDAY

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  • Week 4: 8/28-9/1

    Posted by David Rau on 8/27/2017


    Graphing Inequalities

    1 Khan Assignment Two variable Inequalities from their graph



    Study guide workday 

    TEST BLOCK DAY 8/31-9/1



    Study guide review day

    Filled study guide

    TEST 8/31 - 9/1


    8/31 - 9/1

    TEST: If absent see me PH

    Solving Systems by Graphing

    Khan: Solving systems by graphing


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  • Week 3: 8/21-8/25

    Posted by David Rau on 8/21/2017


    Domain and Range of functions

    Two Khan Assignments Due Wednesday midnight



    Line Review

    CW: last slide of notes



    Khan Academy Line Review

    2 Assignments due Friday Midnight



    Graphing Absolute Value Functions

    2 Khan Assignments: Shift Absolute Graphs and Graph Absolute Value

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  • Week 1: August 10-11th 2017

    Posted by David Rau on 8/9/2017 9:30:00 AM


    Procedures and Rules: 

    HW: Sign Up for Khan Academy



    Procedures and Rules

    Syllabus Review


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  • Week 2: August: 14-18th

    Posted by David Rau on 8/9/2017


    1.3 Algebraic Expressions

    Khan Work: From Friday

    Equations with Parenthesis and Evaluate Functions

    Class codes:

    3rd: FHW27Q

    5th: 6KCNAQ

    6th: 8252DQ



    1.5 Inequalities

    Khan work:

    Combining Like Terms and Two step inequalities 



    1.6 Absolute Value Equations

    Complete the Khan Work from Yesterday

    Classwork Grade: Pg 23: 4,11,15


    8/17 8/18:

    Quiz on Chapter 1

    If you were absent, see me Monday during PH

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