Mrs. Neff

Phone: 352-465-6720


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Elementary Education, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities, and Math (grades 6-9)

Mrs. Neff

I want to tell you a little about myself so you can better understand where I am coming from in regards to teaching your child math.  I am almost a 40 year veteran teacher.  I have been out of the field for about 17 years doing Resource Compliance work, which is where I lead the ESE meetings.  Many of you might know me from those meetings.  I have been working at Dunnellon Middle for about 3-4 years as the RCS, but I have decided to come back into the classroom to teach my last couple of years in the area of math.  Mr. Smallridge and I have worked together many years both at Lake Weir Middle School and here at DMS.  I love working with him, so it didn't take any convincing on his part for me to come to DMS to teach math. I love math and have always done well in this area of school.  I find a lot of students fear math, because they have not experienced success in this area.  I hope to change that this year. I believe that students do much better with this subject if they are actively involved in math, that is why we will do multiple hands on activities to stress what I am trying to teach the students at the time.  One thing I feel strongly about is I feel that students do much better if they can memorize their addition/multiplication facts.   I have started implementing the music program that teaches the students their multiplication facts.  If you want to acquire a set for home you can purchase them at a teacher's store or online.  The company is called Rock'N Learn.  I am not requiring you to do so though.  I have them on cassette and they will use them while in my class.  We do it as a group and they will begin doing it individually while they are working.  Once they have mastered the facts the math will come easier for them.  I have had phenomenal success with this program in my classes in elementary and high school.  The high schoolers were resistant at first to use the program, however after seeing a couple of classmates, using the program, improve dramatically with their facts, it caught on quickly.  This publisher has science, social studies, Reading, and foreign language available also, however I have not used nor purchased those items. You know as well as I do that math has changed since when we went to school.  I have to reschool myself so that I can explain it to the students the way the county wants me to.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand why they do math the way they do, however this is what has been determined to be in the student's best interest.  

     The only supplies I want my students to have in math at this time is a pencil, paper, notebook or pocket folder with tabs to hold papers in.  I may request other things later, however at this time nothing else is required.  I am a firm believer that if behavior is kept in tact within the classroom then students will experience more success also.  This is why I have implemented a level chart which shows them where they are compared to others with their behavios.  I keep a daily running record of their behavior, so at any point in time can address with you any concerns that I may have.  At this time things are going well and I have been able to reach all but 4 parents to let them know this.  I am going to try to call each parent every other Friday after school to let you know how your child is doing.  I hope I can reach you each time, because so far we have had very nice conversations and I have learned a lot about your child. I believe that for your child to be successful within class, you and I have to work together, in both the good and bad times.  We have to support one another.   If your student has an issue in school within my class, I will alert you to this fact that same day.  I don't want you to not know what is occurring here at school in math class when it is occurring.  I try to impress on my students that each day is a new day and they have a choice to make it a good day or bad day.  I am trying to get my class board set up as well as my grades, however I have been having trouble with them.  Bear with me please and I will let you know when everything is ready to be looked at.  Homework is given on Monday to be completed by Friday.  It is usually a packet of several pages reviewing what they are doing in class at that time or previously.   If you have any concerns about anything dealing with my class, feel free to contact me via e-mail or set up a conference in guidance(352-465-6720).  My e-mail is  I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  I look forward to working with all of you.