Hello and welcome to my class! 

    I am extremely excited to be teaching at North Marion High this year! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about my class. I will be utilizing the app, Google Classroom frequently for students to be able to turn in and view assignments. I would like to start getting our students ready for the future technology holds for education.


    Classroom Schedule of Courses:

    1st: Agriscience Foundations

    2nd: Agriscience Foundations

    3rd: Agriscience Foundations

    4th: Agriscience Foundations

    5th: Agriscience Foundations

    6th: Ag Biotech 2 & 3

    Assignments can be found in Google Classroom.

    Course codes for google classroom by period:

    Period 1: 63n907

    Period 2: 0it4nxb

    Period 3: nqaqeqj

    Period 4: 995m0b

    Period 5: gvg528

    Period 6: 3ru4240