Welcome! Here are some things you should know.

    1. Class notes and handouts are available in the in class worksheets folder.

    2. A daily log of activities (updated 2-4 times a week) is available for each class.

    3. To keep up with grades, check out skyward.

    4. If you're having a hard time with math, I'm here from 8am until 4something pm every day!

    5. And remember, each class you miss is an hour of practice you need to find time to make up:)

    Geometry Syllabus

    Pre-Calc syllabus

     Don't forget to sign up for remind (assuming I figure out how to use it)






    @daviscalc6 depending on which class you're in.  

  • Welcome students, to the 2016-2017 school year. I hope you enjoy learning learning Geometry or Pre-calculus. And don't forget to show up with pens or pencils, paper, and enthusiasm.

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