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    February 19-23, 2018


    This week we will have Math standard practice or review practice in:

                -Draw points, lines, lines segments and rays. 

                -Identify points, lines, line segments and rays in 2-D figures

                -Classify two-dimensional figures based on the presence or absence of parallel or perpendicular lines.

                -Classify two-dimensional shapes based on the presence or absence of angles of specific sizes.

                -Recognize right triangles as a category and identify right triangles.

                -Recognize lines of symmetry for a two-dimensional figure as a line across the figure such that the figure can be folded along the line into matching parts.


     Monday is a holiday observing President’s Day. 


    Next week will will have our ELA district testing (QSMA). 


    Next Wednesday, February 28th, we will also have an early release day.


    Please remember to let me know if you would like some practice resources.


    Questions, comments, concerns?  As always, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Important Announcements

  • Our first FSA test will be on March 6th.  It will be the writing component of ELA FSA.

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