7th Grade Civics





  • Parents and Students, 

    Our 3rd quarterly assessment (QSMA) is quickly approaching. This exam will be computer based and will assess student learning on the standards taught throughout the year so far. The QSMA will be on February 20 so be prepared and start studying!

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  • The Unit 10 Test (Amendments to the United States Constitution) will be on Friday January 26. This assessment covers standards SS.7.C.2.4, SS.7.C.3.6, and SS.7.C.3.7.

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  • The Unit 9 Test will cover standards SS.7.C.1.5, SS.7.C.1.8, SS.7.C.3.5, and SS.7.C.3.13. 

    The test will be on Friday, January 12. 

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