• Engineering Fundamentals - Design, Principles, ans Careers

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    AutoCAD Websites:

    Website 1 : http://tutorial45.com/autocad-tutorial

    Website 2:  https://www.mycadsite.com

    Website 3:  http://www.cadtutor.net/tutorials/autocad/advanced-autocad-2014.php


     QUARTER 4

    week of 5-08-2019

    Final Review for Industry Certification Exam - AutoCAD 

     EOC Project Presentations - Reverse Engineering


     week of 5-01-2019

    Final Review for Industry Certification Exam - AutoCAD

    EOC Project Preparation - Reverse Engineering


     week of 4-24-2019  EOC Project - Reverse Engineering 

    4/24 Presentation  Reverse Engineering Project Expectations.pdf

    4/25 Grading Rubric reverse_eng_gradingrubrics.pdf

     4/26 EOC Lesson Reverse_Engineering_ppt

    4/27 Project Guidelines https://www.marionschools.net/cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/Domain/15342/Reverse%20Engineering%20Project%20Guidelines.pdf


    week of 4-17-2019

    4/17 EOC Project: Design, draft and build a Roller Coaster ( see me for project guidelines and limitations)

    4/18 EOC Testing session1

    4/19 EOC Testing session2

    4/20 Physics of Roller Coasters Physics&Vocabulary

    4/21 EOC Model - Presentation - expectation


    week of 4-10-2019


     week of 4-3-2019

     Deep Water Centennial

     Writing Research Paper on Houston Ship Channel - Informative essay essay-outlines


    week of 3-27-2019


    week of 3-20-2017






    week of 3-26-2019


    week of 3-19-2010


    week of 3-12-2019

    Spring Break


    week of 3-05-2019


    week of 2-26-2010

    Chp.10 Mechanical EngineeringPrinciples of mechanical engineering

    10.1 Energy

    10.2 Mechanical energy and motion

    10.3 Simple machines


    week of 2-19-2010

    9.4 Skyscrapers

    9.5 Goematic engineering

    9.6 Land surveying


    week of 2-12-2019

    Chp.9 Civil Engineering Panama Canal project

    9.1 Civil engineering principles

    9.2 Structures

    9.3 Bridges


    week of 2-5-2019

    8.8 Component platforms

    8.9 Components in use

    8.10 Troubleshooting


    week of 1-29-2019

    8.4 Characteristics and measurements8.5 Laws and Applications Musical Tesla Coil

    8.6 Basic circuits

    8.7 Circuits components


    week of 1-22-2019

    Chp.8 Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering Principles

    8.1 Electricity at the atomic level

    8.2 Static electricity

    8.3 Electricity through a conductor


    week of 1-15-2019

    Material Engineering Applications

    7.3 Material testing

    Destructive tests and nondestructive tests

    7.4 Nanotechnology TechnologyNanoRobotics

    Nanoparticles and nanostructures FactsNanotechnology

    Gene Editing with CRISPR  crispr-genetic-engineering-change-world/


    week of 1-8-2019

    Chp.7 Materials Engineering

    7.1 Materials TypesMetals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and other materials Stress vs Strain

    7.2 Material Properties

    Physical, mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties TheStrongestMagnetInTheWorld

    Chemical, thermal, optical, and acoustical properties SoundEngineer'sHardWork


    week of 1-3-2019

    1/04 :Welcome back

    1/05&1/06 EQ:What is the importance og Engineering Design Process? Engineering Design Process

    Genetic Engineering CRISPR




    week of 12-04-2018

    Design and Build a Truss Bridge

    EOS Bridge Project


     week of 11-30-2017

     Newspapre Chair Project -  NewspaperChair outlines

     Paper Chair lesson.ppt


    week of 11-21-2018



    11/23 Thanksgiving break. 


    week of 11-14-2018



    Week of 11-07-2018


    Week of 10-30-2018


    Week of 10-24-2018


    Week of 10-23-2018


    Week of 10-16-2018


    Assignments:incline_letters,  Student_Incline  Student_airplane



     QUARTER 1


    week of 11- 29-2018

     Ch7. Materials Engineering

     Robotic Arm  Movement in Humans and Robots.pdf


    week of 10- 22-2018

     Ch6. Modeling, Testing, and Final Outputs

    Catapults  Catapults pdf


    week of 10-15-2018

    Ch5. Communicating Solutions

    Helicopter project -   guidelines


    week of 10-08-2018

    Manual drafting manual drafting



    week of 10-01-2018

    2.5 Testing/ Analasys

    2.6 Final solution or Output

    Ch3. defining Problems and Brainstorming


    week of 9-24-2018

    2.3 Problem definition 

    EQ: Design and build an effective wind turbine.

    2.4 Idea generation

    Project Presentations


    Week of 09-17-2018

    2.2 Energy and systems of energy - renewable energy.

    Design and build a wind turbine. Turbines Project.

    EQ: How do you convert wind into electicity? Vocabulary Turbine

    Project outlines Turbine outlines


    Week of 09-10-2018

    Ch2. Engineering Design Ch02 Notes.pdf

    2.1 Engineering Design Process



    Problem Definition

    Idea Generation

    Solution Creation

    Test / Analysis

    Final Solution or Output

    Manual drafting assignment



    Week of 9-03-2018

    1.3 History of Engineering

    Labor Day

    Presenting projects

    Check your Engineering IQ / Test your knowledge

    Chapter 1 Quiz


    Week of 8-27-2018 

    1.2 Engineering Disciplines 

    What is the best way to deliver medical supplies to refugees from the air?

    Project:Design and build a parachute. ParachutePPT

    Innovative Design - Reading article


    Week of 8-20-2018 

    Ch1. What is Engineering? Ch01 Notes.pdf

    1.1 Engineering Defined /EQ: What is the role of an engineer?

    Problem Solving /EQ: What is the difference between specifications & constraints?

    Types of knowledge and traits /EQ:Enumerate 5 fields of engineering.


    Week of 8-13-2018

    Welcome to school

    0.1 Intro to Engineering Design Process

    Classroom management and school procedures.

    Project - Design and build a cereal box.




     Lego EV3 Robots Projects:

    1- Puppy design https://www.marionschools.net/cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/Domain/15342/EV3 Lego Puppy Design.pdf

    2- Projectile Launcher EV3-Projectile-Launcher-Build-Instructions.pdf

    3- Gyro Boy