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    Research Guide

    Welcome to the HMS Research Guide - Congratulations, your teacher has assigned you a research project! Don’t panic. Research can be fun. You’ve probably researched questions many times without ever realizing it.

    Research is a life skill. We are always seeking information. What MP3 player should you buy? Which book should you read next? A researcher looks for as many different, reliable sources as possible, takes notes, asks questions, consults additional sources, and develops a point of view based upon all of the information found.

    The following guide, HMS Media Center Research Guide is based on the FINDS Florida Research Model. FINDS breaks down the research process into five steps. Follow the five steps listed below and you’ll be on your way to success! 

    F - focus, find your topic
    I - investigate, look for the information, putting it in your own words
    N - notes, take notes from the information, putting it in your own words
    D - develop your paper/project based on directions from your teacher
    S - score, based on your teacher's requirements, make sure you have all the components before you turn it in.

    Click on the following link for the online FINDS graphic organizer 

    https://docs.google.com/a/marion.k12.fl.us/document/d/1km9-PE0xNBxWNF_E3G4t0pv_jgaFVcz1eHm0876ZA3I/edit?usp=sharing .

    After opening the organizer, make a copy on your Google Drive so you can edit.


    Effective Citing and Referencing IB Publication

    Click here to view "Credit for Creative Work" a video from Common Sense Media.