• C.A.T. Syllabus 


    Welcome to CAT Period!  You have been hand selected for this course as a means to improve your academic success in high school.  During this year, I hope you will not only be successful in your current classes, but also gain life skills that will help you be successful in school and other pursuits in the future. 

    CAT period differs from a traditional study hall class because in addition to having time to complete assignments and study for other classes, students will also engage in activities specifically focused on helping them develop good habits, make good decisions for themselves and ultimately take responsibility for the outcome of their own lives.  Learning skills for success in school is an ongoing process and while we will start good habits this year, it will be up to you to continue these habits in the future. 

    MATERIALS FOR USE                        

    A binder for classes (I recommend one for A Day and B Day classes)



    Homework/classwork/study materials/textbooks/calculators


    No grades are assigned for this class; however, keep in mind that not everything you need to know to be a better and more successful person is graded.


    All school and classroom policies and procedures apply here.  All personal electronic devices (cell phones, music devices, etc.) should be powered off or on airplane mode in the classroom.  No food or drink will be permitted in the class.  In addition, you, as students, are expected to: 

    RESPECT YOURSELF: Come to class ready to learn and have high expectations for yourself.  You are being provided with a unique chance to improve skills that will be critical for success in school and life.  Make good use of this opportunity. 

    RESPECT OTHERS: Treat classmates, teachers and visitors with dignity and respect.  Use appropriate language and behavior for school.  Do not disrupt others’ learning. 

    RESPECT PROPERTY: Refrain from touching items that do not belong to you – this includes classmates’ and teacher’s belongings.  Treat your school, this classroom and the materials provided to you well. Clean up your work area, even if the mess is not yours.  YOU ARE A PART OF A TEAM!  

    FOLLOW PROCEDURES: In order to leave the room during CAT period, you must have a pass from your subject teacher or Mrs. Pohlers.  You will not be permitted to use the media center during CAT unless you have a pass.  If you have a pass, you are to show it to me, then sign out in the CAT binder.  You are then required to go directly to that teacher’s room.  If you use a pass to leave the room but do not go to the teacher who gave you the pass, you will be marked as skipping. 


    1.  Chat with teacher

    2.  Telephone home and intervention

    3.  Behavioral referral