The Black Knight
  • World History Honors



    Unit 9 Outline

    How did European Industrialism, Imperialism, Nationalism and Militarism lead to World War One?

    9-1 How did European Imperialism Affect Africa, Asia, & Europe?

    9-2 How did Nationalism, Militarism and Alliances Start World War I?

    9-3 What were the Effects of WWI?

    Essay: WWI Chronicles... Students create a Primary Source of someone directly or indirectly involved in the war


    Unit 10 Outline

    How did WWI contribute to the outbreak of World War Two?

    10-1 What lead to the rise of Authoritarian Governments in Europe?

    10-2 What were the Causes and Main Events of World War Two?

    10-3 What were the Consequences of World War Two?

    Essay: DBQ on WWI causimg WWII

    Quarter 4 Project Assigned