The Black Knight
  • World History Honors


    Unit 0

    How did Geography, Government, & Religion shape the First Civilizations?

    (This Unit has been deleted, but there are a few things we will go over)


    What is History, and how is it studied and written?

    How did Humans progress from Hunter-Gatherers to the 1st Civilizations?

    How did Geography impact the 1st four Civilizations?

    How did Civilizations evolve into Empires, culminating with Greece and Rome?


    Unit 1

    How did the Fall of Rome lead to the Rise of the Byzantines in the East and Medieval Europe in the West?

    KNOW: In what ways were the Byzantines a continuation of, and a departure from The Roman Empire?

    What caused the Decline and Fall of the Byzantine Empire?

    What part did Feudalism play in the re-organization of Western Europe?

    What were the events that disrupted European society in the Medieval Period?

    What were the interactions between Medieval Japan and the rest of Asia?


    Unit 2

    How did Islam become a Global Religion and Empire?


    What were the Origins of Islam the Religion, & Islam the Empire?

    What was the Geographic Extent of the Islamic Empires?

    In what ways did Islam preserve and expand Greco-Roman knowledge?