The Black Knight
  • World History Honors

    Most Students have 9-1 notes, others were not in class the last week of School due to field trips/other absences

    (My apologies to those not familiar with PowerPoint... Open the PowerPoint, CLICK on "Slide Show", CLICK on "From beginning", Left CLICK on hyperlinks (usually blue, video will load for you to watch... MANY terms are explained in the videos, you're here to learn guys, they teach for me)

    There are Students that have done nothing yet... ask your friends about their progress

    Unit 9-1

    Unit 9-2

    Unit 9-3

    Unit 10-1-2

    Unit 10-3-4

    Unit 11-1

    Unit 11-2 & 3

    E-Mail photo(s) of Notes for grades... tell me Unit/Sections included

    DON'T FORGET!!! your World History Slamma-Jamma 4th Quarter Project! 

    Anything, Anywhere, Any Time, in World History if worse comes to worst, (it has) you will be sending photos... BUT NOT YET!