KENKEN Information

  • KENKEN Assignments are due at the end of the week.  A printed set of puzzles will be handed out at the beginning of each week. If you have never played KENKEN, don't worry - I will show you how! These puzzles are to be worked on in class whenever you have extra time. They can also be worked on outside of class (during P.A.W. Time, lunch, at home, etc.). 

    If you discover that you cannot get enough KENKEN (it happens), there is a website and even an app for your smartphone! Those links are posted below. I have also included a "how to" article and a couple of articles on the benefits of playing KENKEN below. 

    How to Play KENKEN 
    (A copy of this page is part of your Student Binder.)

    Articles About the Benefits of Playing KENKEN:

    Online Game:
    KenKen Online

    KenKen Mobile Apps: 
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KENKEN Assignments

Choose Your Grade: KENKEN

  • Your weekly KenKen grade (out of a possible 100 points) will be based upon the following point system:

    3 x 3 Puzzles are worth 3 points each.

    4 x 4 Puzzles are worth 6 points each.

    5 x 5 Puzzles are worth 12 points each.

    6 x 6 Puzzles are worth 24 points each.

    7 x 7 Puzzles are worth 30 points each.

    8 x 8 Puzzles are worth 36 points each.

    9 x 9 Puzzles are worth 42 points each.

    BONUS Puzzles are worth 42 points each.