• Classroom Policies


    Homework Center
    Homework typically consists of math only.

    Your child will bring home a weekly sheet on Mondays or Tuesdays.

    This sheet will be located in the "Math Homework" tab of their binder and will stay there until Fridays.

    At times, students will bring home a study guide to get ready for a science exam!

    Students are encouraged to read 20-30 minutes each night, but do not need to document this anywhere.



    If you have not signed up for ClassDojo yet - PLEASE ASK ME HOW!

    You need only a computer or SmartPhone with internet access!

    Not only is your child's behavior monitored on this website,

    but I also share important updates and reminders to parents.

    Note to all parents: ClassDojo reports are still being sent home on Fridays and should be signed and returned to me every Monday.


    Spelling Tests: given every Friday (vocabulary tests NOT given)
    Math Tests: given at the end of every unit and will be sent home for you to look over
    Science Exams: given at the end of every unit, will not be sent home (available during conference)


    Graded Work

    Graded work is sent home on Fridays. Anything with a grade of 70% or below

    should be signed in pen by you and returned to school on Monday (along with

    your child's DOJO report). Please keep all other papers.

    Your child will receive Legacy Loot for turning these items in.

    After I review the signature and mark it with a star, I will send it back to you to keep.




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