Mrs. Jordan's Teaching Philosophy

  • Students

    My philosophy of education is centered around providing students with a learning atmosphere based on a constructivist approach.  My goal is to help students identify what methods and strategies help them to learn best, and then expand on that learning to acquire the knowledge and skills to keep them moving forward.  I feel strongly that when students are active in the classroom and engaged in hands-on activities, and when those activities mirror the real world through authentic curriculum design, education will have a greater value and meaning. 


    I recognize the importance of having a differentiated classroom – both for ability and learning style.  I tailor instruction so that all students are able to learn in the environment where they feel most comfortable.  I aim to make learning an enjoyable experience through creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking activities.  I am considerate of diverse and multicultural perspectives and encourage students to share their thoughts and views with one another.  Each child brings a unique history with varying experiences into the classroom, and it is my intention to use this diversity to help them grow into well-rounded, open-minded, and respectful students. 


    I am a life-long learner!  I will stop at nothing to keep myself educated and well-prepared to teach today’s students to become successful citizens of the 21st century.  I am currently enrolled in graduate level courses to gain additional knowledge in the field of Reading and Literature.  I routinely participate in professional development opportunities offered through the school district that help me assess and revise teaching strategies.  Collaborating with colleagues and school administration also helps me continuously improve the teaching and learning process.  I feel privileged to have a teaching career where I can help make a difference in the future, while relishing in the fact that I am doing what I love every day of my life.