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    Parental Involvement in School - Help Your Children Succeed 

    Studies have indicated that children whose parents and/or other significant adults share in their formal education tend to do better in school. Some benefits that have been identified that measure parental involvement in education include:

    • Higher grades and test scores
    • Long term academic achievement
    • Positive attitudes and behavior
    • More successful programs
    • More effective schools


    All parents want their children to become successful, caring adults. Similarly, many parents want to be involved with the formal education of their children. Sometimes, however, they don't know where to start, when to find the time, or how to go about making positive connections with the school.

    At the most basic level, parents can begin encouraging the education of their children by showing that they truly value education themselves.  Show interest in your child's education - ask them what they did in school each day.  Take the time to listen to what they have to say.  Help students apply what they learn at school into their everyday life outside the classroom.  Allowing them to help with measurements while following a recipe, or writing your grocery list for you are a couple examples.  Also, show concern for your child's progress.  If you notice trends in declining grades, have a conversation with the teacher.  You do not have to wait until report cards are released to discuss grades.  If you haven't signed up for the Parent Portal, do so!  This valuable tool will keep you up to date with how your child is achieving day to day.  Most importantly, get involved!  Show your support to your child's school.  Attend PTO and School Advisory Counsel meetings.  Your opinion matters!  Share your concerns and interests with school officials.  Your involvement and attitude towards school sets the tone for the school's climate.  


    I know you probably had a terribly busy day, but take a few moments to allow your child to read to you.  Just a couple minutes a day will create a bonding memory that will remain with your child for life.  Also, provide your child with a place to complete homework.  Students need a quiet distraction-free place to concentrate and get their homework done.


    "Parents who know their children's

    teachers and help with homework

    and teach their kids right from wrong --

    these parents can make all the difference."

    - President Bill Clinton

    State of the Union Address