Unit 2- Force and Motion

  • SC.2.P.13.1- Investigate the effect of applying various pushes and pulls on different objects.

    SC.2.P.13.2- Demonstrate that magnets can be used to make some things move without touching them.

    SC.2.P.13.3- Recognize that objects are pulled toward the ground unless something holds them up.

    SC.2.P.13.4- Demonstrate that the greater the force (push or pull) applied to an object, the greater the change in motion of the object.


    Vocabulary Review
    Force- A push or a pull that makes something move
    Speed- How fast or slow something moves.
    Motion- When something moves.
    Friction- A force that slows objects down.
    Magnet-Something that can pull iron or steel
    Gravity- A force that pulls something towards the center of Earth
    Attract- A North and South poles of a magnet will do this.
    Repel- A North and a North Pole will do this.