• Report Card Guidelines


    • Grades are taken for:

      • English Language Arts
      • Mathematics
      • Science
      • Social Studies


      Within each of these subjects grades are broken down into categories and have weighted percentages.


      English Language Arts is comprised of:

      Foundational Skills (30%) would be phonics assessments like spelling tests. It also includes reading fluency and accuracy grades.

      Comprehension (40%) grades are taken from the reading weekly assessments and district unit assessments.

      Communication (30%) grades are taken from writing assignments.


      Mathematics is comprised of:

      Assessments (50%) are chapter tests from our textbook series Go Math and district created assessments.

      Number Fluencys (20%) are two minute timed tests created by the district. There are about two checks a month. Each consisting of 15 questions.

      Classwork/Practice (30%) are the problems we work on together in small group and independently at math centers. These are sometimes taken from the workbook pages, math journals or checkpoint quizzes.



      Science is comprised of:

      Assessments (40%) These assessments can be in the form of a paper and pencil test with multiple choice questions or a performance task grade with a rubric.

      Science Notebooks (30%) are kept in the classroom. These notebooks contain lab write ups, observations, diagrams, data records, vocabulary, labeled drawing, etc.

      Classwork/Participation (30%) is daily assignments, quizzes and lab participation. 


      Social Studies is broken into:

      Performance Based Tasks (55%) are projects or presentations that are graded with a rubric.Assessments are also available through various textbooks and resources.

      Classwork/Participation (45%) are not limited to but can be daily assignments, discussions, projects or quizzes