• Go Math Icon Core Program for Mathematics

    Go Math, Florida! is the currently adopted math series in Marion County, and is used as the core instructional program here at HVE.  Go, Math is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and is also closely aligned to the Florida State Standards.

    Teachers at Harbour View Elementary also use supplemental and enhancing programs based on the needs of their students.  In addition to the core program, we supplement our mathematics instruction with iReady, IXL and various other programs depending on the grade level, and needs of our students.  Our teachers utilize manipulatives when teaching math and consistently teach program solving strategies to our students. 


    Resources and Additional Programs for Mathematics

     Go math resources

    1. GoMath, Florida! (Think Central) is available online for students.  At the site, students can access a variety of resources aligned to the text.  Students can access the text through the student portal.


    2. FSA (Florida State Assessment) for 3rd - 5th Grade

    FSA icon This website ( is the resource for questions about the Florida Standards Assessments. The Florida State Board of Education approved the Florida Standards for ELA (English Language Arts) and Math in 2014 and fully implemented in the 2014-15 school year for grades K-12. All Florida schools teach these standards. This website has helpful information about the testing including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page (to get to this page click on the Students and Families button). Some topics in the FAQ are: How long are the assessments? Can students practice for the test?


    3. Florida Student Tutorials for 3rd - 5th GradeFL Student Org Icon

    This is an online resource ( that looks at the specific standards of what students are learning in the various grades. At this site, students can view lessons, games, and tutorials that focus on specific standards.


    4. IXL -

    IXL icon HVE has purchased a school-wide license so that all students, PreK through 5th, can access this program.  IXL is an engaging program with real-world scenarios.  Students can "experience" math, earn recognitions, and love learning all at the same time.  IXL has a limited free access through their site at  However, to use your HVE username and password for full access, students should go to .  This program is also available through the student portal.