• Florida Standards: This year we will be using the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS) and Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS). Students take on much more responsibility for their learning. They will be taught a variety of strategies that will allow them to dissect and comprehend more complex texts, as well as have active conversations with peers about their learning. They will be heavily involved in their own academic goal setting. 

    Third grade is a huge transition year. Students are expected to become more independent learners. Here are some things your child will learn about this year.

    Math: In math, students will need to learn and master multiplication and understand division. They will also learn the foundational skills of fractions. We will cover some geometry, measurement/data, and number sense.


    Reading: Students will be reading a variety of complex texts. They will have to be able to comprehend texts at a deeper level. They will have to show evidence from the text and respond to it. Reading both at home and at school will help your child.


    Writing: By the end of third grade, students will be able to write a variety of writing which include informative writing, opinion writing, and narrative writing. They will need to base their writing on text evidence.


    Science:  This year in science, students will learn about the states of matter, forms of energy, the sun & gravity, the stars, plants, animals, and environmental influences.


    Social Studies: Students will have a lot of fun with some of our social studies activities. We get to learn about the 50 states, government, economics, and map skills.