Who is involved in your child’s IEP?


    You are an important member of the IEP team!  We value your input and opinions.  You can also expect the Deaf/Hard of Hearing teacher, a general education teacher, a school representative, and other specialists such as a speech pathologist, Sign Language Interpreter, etc.


    Educational interpreters are also members of the educational faculty responsible for working with those involved in your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings to ensure goals are being applied and accomplished.  Often, interpreters are not able to be a part of the team meetings due to being needed to interpret for your child in the classroom or during the actual IEP meeting.  Please know that, interpreters write a comprehensive communication plan that will aid in understanding your child’s communication and language strengths and areas that need improvement.  This input regarding your child’s language and communication is considered and is utilized to create annual goals.   Marion County prides itself on hiring interpreters that exceed the state minimal requirements and commitment to continuing interpreter education.



    Please explore the main Marion County Schools website for more information regarding IEPs and Exceptional Student Services.

Last Modified on May 25, 2016