• 8th Grade Math Syllabus


    Mrs. Fosselman

    Course Description:

         The concepts and procedures of mathematics are investigated and developed by building mathematics vocabulary, solving problems, using reasoning skills, communicating knowledge and understanding how mathematical ideas are connected to other subjects and to real life.



          - Carnegie Learning Workbooks - Kept in the classroom.  We will pull out the pages we are using.

          - Carnegie Learning Computer Program

    Class Schedule

    50 minutes daily:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

    100 minutes on either Thursday or Friday (ask your student)


    Teacher Contact Information:   

    Name:  Janelle C.Fosselman

    Email:   Janelle.Fosselman@marion.k12.fl.us          

    Phone Number: (352) 671-7100  Ext: 56529


     Homework Policy:

               Homework will be given everyday your child has math class.  It will be checked daily for a completion grade.  Homework is an important learning process and benefits your child the most, when done the day it is assigned.  Homework should never take more than 15 minutes.  If you do not understand the homework, please stop and try to complete it the next night.  Doing homework incorrectly makes the learning process more difficult. 

    I will accept make-up homework for full credit during the nine weeks that it is assigned.


    Make-up Work Policy:

                Homework:  See Homework Policy

                Classwork:  If you are absent or suspended, you have the same number of days that you were not in class to make-up the work.  The classwork that your child will need to make-up is copying notes if any were given that day, daily bell ringer, and tests when given.  It is your child's responsibility to get their work and turn it in.

                If a student is out for a prolonged absence, the parent may request make-up work from Guidance.  Please give me at least 24 hours’ notice prior to picking up the work. 


    Discipline Policy:

    1. Verbal correction
    2. Teacher / Student Conference / Consequence
    3. Phone call home
    4. Office Referral


    Course Outline:

         Unit 1:  Rational and Irrational Numbers

         Unit 2:  Solving Multi-Step Equations

         Unit 3:  Angle-Pair Relationships

         Unit 4:  Pythagorean Theorem

         Unit 5:  Volume

         Unit 6:  Properities of Exponents

         Unit 7:  Scientific Notation

         Unit 8:  Transformations

         Unit 9:  Introduction to Functions

         Unit 10:  Application of Functions

         Unit 11:  Systemns of Linear Equations

         Unit 12:  Statistical Tables

         Unit 13:  Algebra Readiness



       Grading Scale:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

        A =   90-100                                           Grade Breakdown:

        B =   80-89                                              10% =  Homework

        C =   70-79                                              45% = Classwork

        D =   60-69                                              45% = Tests

        F =   59 and Below