I would like to welcome you and your child to the Intensive Reading class—a fascinating course that I am excited to be teaching! Please consider getting involved in your child’s education throughout the term. By doing so, you can help your son or daughter succeed and maybe even enjoy learning something new yourself. And why not? The more we all know, the more we can make sense of events happening in the world today.


    Throughout the Reading course your son or daughter will either be using the Escalate or the Read to Achieve textbook depending on their specific course. This textbook provides a thorough examination of reading strategies and how to apply them to a variety of different texts.  


    Our goals for the course are to help your child:

    • develop a strong understanding of strategies and skills that good readers use
    • appreciate the role reading plays in our daily lives
    • understand the important impact reading has on our success in daily life
    • build a solid foundation of reading skills
    • develop thinking skills that support the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and solve real-life problems
    • have fun!!


    How can you assist your student in achieving the course goals?

    • ensure your student is using the DMS planner by checking it each night for assignments/homework
    • have a designated study time set for your student
    • utilize the parent portal to check your student’s grades and progress
    • access “Class Dojo” to find up-to-date classroom information, activities, and daily behavior feedback
    • have fun, reading promotes engaging conversations at school and home!


    Please be advised that your student’s performance will be assessed in a variety of ways. These assessments include, but are not limited to: district benchmark tests, quarterly document based writing assessments, and the district software, AIMS web. The students will have numerous opportunities to demonstrate learning and achievement during the 2018-2019 school year.


    Throughout your child’s Reading course, he or she will have many opportunities for learning, growth, and achievement. We will be monitoring your child’s progress with the following grading policy.


    Reading Grading Policy


    Percentage of Final Grade




    Class Work/Quizzes





    Each of the above categories plays an important part in your child’s learning.


    Homework:  Students are expected to read 30 minutes every day – Saturdays and Sundays included. This reading time is extremely important to your child’s success in school, and ultimately in life. We encourage you to review your child’s homework on a regular basis so that you know how well your child is doing.


    Quizzes and Tests: To ensure that students are regularly completing and understanding their course work, we usually will administer one quiz per week. We will assess students’ progress with a more formal test at least twice per grading period. If your son or daughter earns a test grade of C or lower, please encourage your child to talk with us about ways to improve his or her progress.


    Projects: We anticipate assigning at least one project per grading period. Special projects are fun and challenging additions to your child’s course work.


    Class Work: Active participation in class discussion and completion of assigned work will help your child develop his or her reading, writing and interpersonal skills. To earn full class work points your child must routinely contribute to class discussions and complete the assigned work in a timely manner.


    Please know that it is our priority to ensure that each student has adequate assistance and ample opportunity to succeed in our classes. If throughout the term you have any questions about the class or your child’s progress, please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail.


    We would appreciate your help in furthering our goals and expectations for this academic year. Simply encouraging your child as he or she improves their reading skills will go a long way! Thank you for being an important part of your child’s learning experience.