About Us

  • about us


    Marion County’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program strives to be an educational leader in the Florida schools for mainstream Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.


    We provide a language-rich environment through the means of American Sign Language, speech, auditory training, reading, and writing. We also endeavor to match each individual student’s language and educational needs.


    The students are educated in a visually accessible, positive, and nurturing environment that emphasizes literacy and effective communication skills.


    We strive to provide Marion County families, with Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, language resources empowering them to learn sign language as well (Please see our “ASL Lending Library” and view the “American Sign Language” section of this website).


    Our ultimate goal is to foster students to be able to achieve true language and communication literacy in order to be successful life-long learners and independent, thriving adults.

    Our Beliefs

    Education is a shared responsibility of our teachers, Sign Language interpreters, parents, students, and the community. 


    Students are immersed in a language-rich environment filled with exposure to both American Sign Language and English throughout their day.  This will allow students to develop their own identities in the community, as well as gain self-confidence and self-respect.


    Language is the key that opens opportunities in this world. Resources and language support are offered to the students, parents, and the professionals that serve them in order for the students to acquire the language needed to thrive in life.


    The development of a student as an individual is vital to the advancement of a positive self-identity, self-acceptance, and a lifetime of contentment and successes.


    It is vital to work with the community to ensure the students experience and know how to use the resources and support available in the state.

Last Modified on February 21, 2017