• "Of Mice and Men" Audiobook - divided into chapters; read by Gary Sinise.

    "Night" Audiobook - Due to translation, it's a slightly differnt version than ours, but hey - it's free.

    Night -a link to an online copy of the book by Elie Weisel. - A link to a Youtube video that explains the process for setting up your student account.

    Citation Machine - Automate your works cited page in MLA and other formats.

    How to Use Citation Machine - A link to a Youtube video that walks you through the whole process.

    MLA Format Guide Using Microsoft Word - A great visual guide for the free word processor provided through your desktop portal.

    Hanging Indent - A link to a quick Youtube video that shows how to format your "works cited" page in Microsoft Office. - Valid and reliable sources for researching controversial issues.

    Grammar Video Lessons - video lessons on a variety of topics are provided through your e-textbook.

    Level Up Tutorials - text-based lessons and exercises for writing, grammar, and usage are provided through your e-textbook.

    MLA Citation Generator - Creates your citations for you!

    MLA Format Guide - Answers your questions about formatting your paper.

    Verbals - A link to notes about gerunds, infinitives, and participles.