Week of 11/26/18

Week of 05/09/16

"When you become a teenager, you step onto a bridge...The opposite shore is adulthood." ~Gail Carson Levine

  • ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  How is culture represented in literature?

    • JOURNAL FOCUS: Read 20 minutes each night and record in journal
    • Read "Marigolds" (pgs. 213-224 textbook)
    • Complete "Marigolds" PLOT DIAGRAM (due 12/30)
    • Complete "Marigolds" Sketch to Stretch (due 12/30)
    • Read "Hanging Fire" (pg. 230 textbook)
    • Read "Teenagers" (pg. 231 textbook)
    • BEN/BENE/BON Vocabulary HW and Quiz (due 12/05)