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1st Grade Field Trips

  • First grade tries to attend 2 Field Trips each year. 1 field trip is local and the other is in Orlando. 


    1. WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 --  Push! Pull! Climb! Feel! Live the experience! Featuring over 100 hands-on exhibits, WonderWorks is fun for all ages! Design and ride your own roller-coaster, encapsulate yourself in a bubble, lie on a bed of nails, analyze fingerprint ridge patterns, climb the multi-level indoor ropes course and feel hurricane force winds in your hair!

    WonderWorks provides a unique setting for students K-12 to learn about physical sciences:

    Earth Science – Explore Earth’s natural disasters and live to tell the story.

    Physics – Experience energy, gravity and light.

    Astronomy – Leave Earth behind and blast off into the stars.