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1st Grade Field Trips

  • First grade tries to attend 2 Field Trips each year. 1 field trip is local and the other is in Tampa. 


    1. The Florida Aquarium (Tampa Aquarium) -- Check out their website: -- "Download the free mobile app for your iPhone or Android to enhance your Aquarium experience. 

    We usually attend this field trip in April each year (although each year may change due to availability and school schedules). Information is relayed to parents/students as it becomes available. Students, teacher and 9 chaperones "experience the World Outside! Whether you’re taking a simulated dive into the open ocean, or marveling at a giant oak tree, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a whole new world while you engage in hands-on science and exploration." The following days after the trip, students complete an Animal Research Activity (GRADED) which consists of the specific habitat area, body parts, food source, enemies, defense against enemies and adaptations of their top favorite aquarium animal. Students also present their findings orally to the class.