• Please note all programs for assignments can be accessed from the student's desktop. All students should have a login. If you need assistance with login information please contact me. 

    Student Desktop

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  • SCIENCE -Reading Science Activity can be accessed through Stemscope on Student Desktop

    If you are unable to access the site electronically use the attached PDF document. Experimenting With Forces

    Remember to turn-in when the assignment is completed.





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    Due to ovewhelming effects of trying to complete all Math assignments at once, I have made each assignment available on different days. 

    Complete Iready Lessons (46 minutes/WEEK) 

    Iready minutes will be used as a participation grade for the week.

    All Assignments this week is a review of our multiplication standard that was previously taught. Student will review these skills and practice using the standard algorith.

    Think Central (CAN BE ACESSED FROM STUDENT DESKTOP) Please complete assignments in the order I am posting them.

    Complete the Animated Math Model- Assignment #1 (available 5/26) on Think Central

    After completing the Lesson #1 do the assigned Homework Assignment #2 (available 5/27)  and Quiz Assignment #3 (available 5/28)


    Once all you above tasks are completed you can play Prodigy GamesGames played through the classcode provided are aligned to our standards - Williams Homeroom Classcode E947E9 Harris Homeroom Classcode 1391B7



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