• K. Oliver

    Mrs. Stanley is strict on having us learn but not soldier strict. Why a goal strict she wants to have fun while doing it. Plus when we're great the whole week she gives us a treat. That's how great she is, Go Mrs. Stanley! Plus she helps us understand our work no matter what.

  • P. Richardson

    Mrs. Stanley is such a great teacher she can teach kids different ways in math so that kids would understand better. I like Mrs. Stanley because she not only teaches she help get kids out of class and let them go inside the building to do different things.

  • D. McNair

    Mrs. Stanley is a fair and welcoming teacher. Mrs. Stanley shows all the students respect. When Mrs. Stanley is teaching she makes the work fun, interesting, very understandable. When she working on the white board with the students she works each problem out step-by-step. She is very nice and shows equal amount of attention. Mrs. Stanley helps us with problem we need help with. 

  • Linda's Thoughts

    Mrs. Stanley is one of the best teachers in Marion County. The reason I said and tell you that is because she really is. If you don't know something or trying to know how to do something she's going to go over and beyond to make sure you get what you need. Also let's say if you missed learning in 6th or 7th or even 8th she will go back to what you missed and make sure she reviews until your caught up. On top of that she teaches three grade levels and one time and she maintains to teach all subjects. But I can write a whole book on Mrs. Stanley but I'm going to top here.