• Mr. Tank's English 1 & English 2 Courses

    What is English class?

    English class is English/Language Arts, or ELA (and for non-native speakers, English class is a language acquisition course, like Spanish or French). There are six different skills that form the language arts. The five that are the focus of this course are reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. The sixth skill, visually representing, will be used minimally.

    The Goals of English 1

    • Reading literature and learning techniques in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry
    • Writing well-crafted persuasive, expository, argumentative, and analytical essays
    • Extracting and applying information from texts to support personal ideas in writing
    • Mastering language arts skills to complete grade-level coursework and exams

    Marion County Public Schools Curriculum & Instruction

    The vision of Marion County Public Schools is “Developing Successful Citizens-Every Student, Every Day.” Our first commitment is to provide the highest quality education for all students. We strive to give our schools the needed support to meet and exceed state averages on assessments at each grade level and subject. Collaboration with professional educators to create tools to deliver a seamless K-12 curriculum with targeted professional development designed to improve student achievement forms the cornerstone of the work realized.

    West Port High School Expectations

    • We are prompt (Be on time to class)
    • We are prepared (Bring all required materials and be ready to learn)
    • We are polite (Treat others with respect, respect yourself, and avoid foul language)
    • We are productive (Listen, follow directions, and put forth good effort)

    All students are expected to follow school rules and procedures, including the 4 P’s. All students are also expected to follow Mr. Tank’s classroom rules and procedures. Doing so ensures that every student will meet their grade-level expectations. The class rules are:

    • NO CELLPHONES or other electronic devices are to be used or charged during class time.
    • NO CHEATING or copying from another student, a text, or the Internet.
    • NO HATS, hoods, headphones, earbuds, or other headwear are to be worn in the classroom.
    • NO FOOD (eating food, including candy, and chewing gum are not allowed).
    • NO BULLYING, mocking, insulting, or roasting of other students. It will not be tolerated.

    Failure to follow the school or class rules will result in the following disciplinary steps.

    • Verbal warning
    • Power Hour detention
    • 2 Power Hour detentions and an email or phone call home to a parent or guardian
    • Discipline referral


    • #2 pencils
    • Lined notebook paper
    • You will need to check out a textbook for home use for completing homework
    • You will be provided with two English workbooks for use in the classroom

    Late Work Policy

    Work that is submitted late due to an unexcused absence will receive an automatic 10-point penalty. If you have an excused absence, then you have three days from the assignment due date to submit your work before receiving the 10-point penalty. Work that is a week late will receive an additional 5-point penalty, with 5 points subtracted for each consecutive week. All work from a grading period must be submitted within that grading period. There are four grading periods this school year: quarter 1, quarter 2, quarter 3, and quarter 4. Work from a previous grading period will not be accepted during a following grading period.


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  • West Port's tardy policy:

    1st Offense:

    Verbal warning

    2nd Offense:

    Parent contact

    3rd Offense:

    Power Hour detention

    4th Offense:


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