• Starting March 30, all courses will be online. No worries, though, as I plan on making it as painless as possible.


    English 3 and AICE students should check my teacher webpage and your Google Classroom page at least four times per week. I will be sending out a way for you to verify your daily attendance.


    I will be posting assignments on Google Classroom. Each assignment is for a grade and should be taken seriously. They will have due dates.


    If you are unable to access any online services from home or are unable to submit work online, then you must email me so we can make other arrangements. My email is: brandon.tank@marion.k12.fl.us


    Early College students should regularly check Canvas for updates and assignments. Continue working on all work that is due or past due. Contact me through Canvas email.

  • Google Classroom codes


    1st period:  g5xhu5t 


    2nd period:  ppvhx7h


    3rd period:  j7w7vs2


    4th period:  eiypwuq


    5th period:  audjh3z


    6th period:  ejc6nrr


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