Freshmen Preview 2021

  • Freshmen Preview Training is July 26 and Preview is July 27

    Hello AWESOME Ambassadors!

    Thank you so much for volunteering to be a part of this program! Mrs. Cruze gave me the Freshman Preview date yesterday, it will be July 27th from 8:00AM to about noon. I will need you all there at 7:30AM. We also need to do the training, that will be July 26th from 8:00AM to about 11:30AM. Please complete the Google Form to let me know if you can attend. We need as many people there as possible on both days, but the preview day is most important!! Thanks, have a great day! 


  • Calling all Future Ambassadors!

    We need your help! If you are interested in becoming a West Port Ambassador, please complete the Google form below. We are waiting to see if we can have the Freshman Preview on campus or not, if we do it will probably be the last week of July. We also want to make plans for how to be more active this next school year!

    AMBASSADORS 2021-22



    We will meet the FIRST Wednesday of the month during the FIRST half of ALPHA Time.


    Members should use the Basecamp App, that is where all club information will be posted one you have been added as a member.



Ambassador Information