All assignments will be on Google Classroom

  • To my students, I miss you guys and gals. I know that things are different and can feel scary, but we have to believe in ourselves and our resilience. This will only serve to make us stronger.


    To the parents of my students, I have always taught with the belief that your kids were mine. I am concerned and determined to help them succeed even now. I need your help to do that! This will be an easy transition for some, for others this will be difficult. Some of our kids thrive and grow from their constant interaction at school. I ask you to step up and keep them moving forward. The biggest challenge for me now is to continue to motivate your student. However, I have faith that we can do this together.

    If your student does not have a computer to use or internet connectivity please contact me or Belleview High School so that we may help you sort the issue. 

    Email Mr. Engelhardt

    All Belleview High School administrators, deans and counselors email addresses can be found here.

    Below please find new, current Google classroom codes specifically for 4th 9 weeks 2019-2020 for all 6 class periods.

    Parents are encouraged to join also in order to keep track of student progress. All other class, assignment, and project information will be given in Google Classrooms.

    Certification exams are still available for students to take on campus but must be scheduled in advance in order to accommodate CDC Corvid-19 protocols.


    1st period - t4txsct

    2nd period - dosgbha

    3rd period - 2523tz6

    4th period - msvo5ie

    5th period - uthrmkp

    6th period - 2wtdjtl