• Belleview High School




    3rd 9 Weeks




    Instructor: Amy Davis

    Email:    amy.davis@marion.k12.fl.us                                                                      



    Room: Bldg.:6    Room:  2             

    Office hours: M-F 9:00-9:30


    Course Description: This course is designed to develop student skills in agriculture mechanics and operations.



    Supplies Needed: Students will need closed toed shoes. They may keep them at school in a locker, locks are not provided. They will also need pen, pencil, and paper daily. Students will need a notebook or a section in a notebook to keep assignments. Students are encouraged to join FFA, dues are $25 and include a T-shirt.


    Class Expectations:

    1. Be prepared to work outside and wear the appropriate clothing: closed toed shoes and no loose garments.
    2. Students must ask permission to leave the class or work area.
    3. Only one person at a time on riding equipment: lawn mower, tractor, etc.
    4. Swearing is considered disrespectful and will not be tolerated.
    5. Students must pick up all garbage around the shop, class, and land lab and dispose of it properly.
    6. Cheating on any class work will result in a 0 grade.
    7. Tobacco products are not allowed on school grounds.
    8. There will be no student’s vehicles behind the agriculture department during school hours.
    9. No electronic devices, phones, iPods, etc. during class time. Laptops should only be out when the class has been granted permission to use them.
    10. If you do not wear the correct shoes on a day we go outside, you will be given a 0 for that day and stand on the fence while we are outside.
    11. No hats or sunglasses are permitted in the building.
    12. Be cooperative and work with others