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    Inservice Record Request

    Previous employees inquiring on their inservice transcript records can request information via email to

    Employees requesting a transfer of their inservice record to another school district should complete the Inservice Record Transfer Request Form.

    Course Surveys - Canvas Updates Coming Soon 

    To ensure that you have received inservice credit on your transcript for courses you have attended, please verify that you have completed all Course Surveys in True North Logic (TNL). Pending surveys will not have inservice points awarded, they are located on the tab labeled "Professional Development" in TNL.

    Course Sruvey

    External Inservice Credit Request for Out-of-District Professional Learning

    The process and Inservice Credit Request for Out-Of-District Professional Learning form (ePLL33) for requesting inservice credit for out-of-district professional learning has been updated. To request inservice credit(s) for out-of-district professional learning (including BEESS and CPALMs), participants must complete the External Credit Request process within True North Logic. Please see the External Credit Request Help Guide for the steps to complete this process.