• Inservice Record Request

    Previous employees inquiring on their inservice transcript records can request information via email to


    Employees requesting a transfer of their inservice record to another school district should complete the Inservice Record Transfer Request Form.


    Course Surveys

    To ensure that you have recieved inservice credit on your transcript for courses you have attended, please veriify that you have completed all Course Surveys in True North Logic (TNL). Pending surveys will not have inservice points awared, they are located on the tab labeled "Professional Development" in TNL.

    Course Sruvey


    Inservice Points Request for Out-of-District Training

    Inservice points can be requested for attending out-of-district training. The Participant is asked to complete the Inservice Points Request Out-of-District Training Form (eSFD33).

    1. The Participant will fill out the training/conference information to include days/hours of attendance, a description of the conference/training topics, the impact of the conference/training on practice, and application of new professional learning. Additionally, a copy of the conference/training agenda must be attached.
    2. The Supervisor/Principal will verify the conference details and total inservice points (equivalent to the hours attended) to be awarded.
    3. The completed form will then be submitted to Kyra Schafte, Director of Professional Leadership and Learning, for subsequent verification.
Last Modified on August 27, 2020