• 1.  At a candy store Alexis purchased 3 candy bars for $1.50.  At this rate, how may whole candy bars can she buy with $8.75?

    Answer 17

    2.  Karina wrote the addition problem shown here on the board hoever, one digit is incorrect.  When written correctly, the number containing the incorrect digit is what four-digit integer?

      2 6 3 5

    +1 8 6 2

      4 5 3 7


    email me your answer at

    Also send me your cell for vocabulary for the competition!!!!


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  • These and more on


    Mini #66 - Similarity and Proportional Reasoning  

    Mini #64 – More Than One Way to Solve a Problem

    Mini #65 - Seeing Symmetry in Systems of Equations

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    January 26 after school

    Feb 3 during sst and after school

    Feb 9 during sst and after school

    Feb 11 th is the competition at Maplewood Elementary in Ocala.

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  • Club pictures are coming up.  Date to be announced.

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