Welcome to the College & Career Lab

  • The goal of the College & Career Lab is to ensure each student has a plan for after high school graduation.  The Career Lab provides resources to empower students to search out funding and to assist with those post-secondary plans.  

    Students will work within selected classes to complete their post-secondary plans throughout high school. The following are examples of activities by grade levels.

    9th Grade:      

    • Register for account on e-profile
    • Complete an Interest, Skills & Work Inventory
    • Review results for future planning
    • Determine career cluster focus


    10th Grade:   

    ·         Complete an Interest, Skills & Work Inventory

    ·         Review results for changes to future planning

    ·         Create a goal sheet

    • Review favorite career/post-secondary options
    • Prioritize 3 E’s (enroll, employ or enlist)
    • Update e-profile

    11th Grade:   

    • Complete an Interest, Skills & Work Inventory
    • Review results for changes to future planning
    • Revise goal sheet to include three option to enroll
    • Review favorite career/post-secondary options
    • Take ACT/SAT/PERT/and/or ASVAB
    • Create resume
    • Update e-profile


    12th Grade: 

    • Review goal sheet
    • Review favorite career/post-secondary options
    • Take ACT/SAT/PERT/and/or ASVAB
    • Update resume
    • Apply to enroll, employ or enlist
    • Complete FAFSA
    • Apply for scholarships                 

    Scholarship Bulletin is posted on this website, emailed to the student's school email account and posted on the Google Classroom. The Scholarship Bulletin lists a few of the scholarships in which our students might be interested.  It is the student’s responsibility to get the necessary paperwork (transcripts, letters of recommendations, etc.) and submit applications in a timely manner.   Most scholarships are due to the organization that is providing the scholarship. Students will only turn the application in to the College and Career Lab Specialist, if the Scholarship Bulletin directly states to do so. 

    Students and parents can find activities and tips for college and career planning in the Google Classroom.

    Grade 09                              Class of 2023      Class code:          ekmqseh

    Grade 10                              Class of 2022      Class code:          xev4g7f

    Grade 11                              Class of 2021      Class code:          eohqjph

    Grade 12                              Class of 2020      Class code:          ad17gw


    Students can find me via email at Nancy.Steigner@marion.k12.fl.us or join me onTwitter @WPHSCareerLab

Scholarship Bulletins

Additional Information

  • Job Vacancies

    Fast Track Staffing Solutions has contacted us seeking employees.  Please find the criteria listed below with the application details attached.  Feel free to share with anyone you know seeking employment. The manager indicated that this is a very good time for entry level employees in the Ocala job market. Due to the relaxation of the unemployment compensation guidelines, not as many displaced adults are currently seeking work. Fast Track can easily place 20 workers within in the next week. New employees are brought in as temporary with the option to transition to permanent status. Businesses are willing to provide all of the necessary training for new hires. 


    WHO:                     18 year old students and/or graduates

    WHAT:                   Local production and assembly jobs (beginning pay $10.00 - $10.50 per hour)

    WHEN:                   Qualified applicants can start as early as next week

    WHERE:                Applications submitted through Fast Track Staffing Solutions online system for jobs in Marion County


    How to apply online to Fast Track Staffing Solutions

    1. Website: https://hrcenter.ontempworks.com/en/FastTrack
    2. Enter your zip code
    3. Select “Ocala” branch
    4. Enter name, email, and phone number
    5. “Workflow Name” choose Basic Application
    6. “How did you hear about us?” choose Social Media-Other
    7. If you have a current resume you can upload “Drop Files Here” but resumes are not mandatory.
    8. Create username and password
    9. Click “Get Started”
    10. If this is your first job, enter MCPS Student as your job on the application
    11. If you haven’t gotten a response within 2 hours after submitting the application, call the office at 352-622-2040.
    12. All positions require a background check and drug screening
    13. Good luck!
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