Substitute Teaching

  • Contacts for Substitutes

    Laura Halcomb, Clerk Specialist - Substitute Coordinator

    • Phone (352) 671-7793 / Ext 57793


    Rochelle Ziegler, Clerk Specialist - Substitute Coordinator

    • Phone (352) 671-7183 / Ext 57183



    Thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher! Below you will find all of the necessary information for becoming a substitute teacher in Marion County.


    1. A High School Diploma AND Five (5) years of verifiable work experience (Must be a letter on company letterhead); OR an AA/AS degree or 60 college semester hours.
    2. Certified full-time teacher OR Certificate of Completion of the Introduction Teacher Training (for Substitute Teachers).
    3. Complete an online application and submit all documents as required; Drivers license, Social Security Card and any other documents as required.

    Training Program with Classroom Management

    • Effective July 1, 2004, substitute “candidates who have no prior teaching experience, as determined by the employing school district, must complete an additional training program that includes classroom management skills and instructional strategies (FL Statute 1012.35).”
    • The district provides the on-line training option, Introduction Teacher Training (for Substitute Teachers), for potential substitutes to comply with the statutory requirement. Candidates logon to the online course at The instructions for course registration will be emailed once your application has been reviewed.  Candidates register and pay the $20 training cost online. Once the 20-hour, 5 module course is complete, the candidate should print and send the copy of the certificate of completion to the Employment Service Division where the certificate is placed in the applicant’s file.

    Application/Hiring Process

    • Complete the Online Application for "Substitute Teacher - Daily."
    • Once all of the above have been turned in to the Employment Service Division, the references will be verified and then prospective candidates will be contacted by Employment Services to schedule a New Hire Session.
    • It is important to monitor your email for correspondence as documents/reference/etc. may be needed to proceed with the employment process. 
    • At the New Hire Session, prospective candidates will be required to pay an up-front fee of $119 to be fingerprinted and run a background check. The form of payment for this fee can be paid by cash, check or debit card/credit card.

    Substitute Salary

    There are three (3) categories of substitute teachers. They include:

      • Substitutes are paid on a daily basis as needed at a rate of $70.00 per day with no benefits. 
      • Continuous or Continuing Substitutes are also on the district-approved list and must substitute for 10 or more continuous days for the same teacher. The individual will be paid at a rate of $85.00 per day with no benefits. The school principal must submit a “Request to Hire a Continuous Substitute” form to Employment Services Division for approval prior to being paid at the $85.00 per day rate. A minimum of 60 semester hours of college academic credits or an Associates Degree are required to be eligible for Continuous Substitute pay.
      • Certified Substitutes are approved as long term subs (generally a semester or more) and will require district administrator approval prior to receiving the rate of $100.00 per day. To be eligible for Certified Substitute pay, the individual must hold a bachelors degree and be either a certified teacher, or eligible for a certificate.

    Substitute Calling System (SCS)

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