COURSE SYLLABUS – Rock Band/Studio Music Ensemble

                                              Room#: 2-107                                     Grade Level: 9-12      

                                       Course Credit: 1 credit                           Prerequisite: Audition

                                 Instructor: Dean Marino                                 E-mail: Dean.Marino@marion.k12.fl.us  

    Course Description:

    Rhythm section ensembles focused on commercial music performance genres and recording techniques.


    • Overall GPA: 3.0
    • Audition and/or approval from instructor

    General course objectives

    • Develop the practical skills necessary to work as a professional musician
    • Expose the student to a variety of commercial music genres

    Instructional Outline 

    • Classroom meetings
    • Daily rehearsals
    • Live performances, on & off-campus
    • recording skills and performance
    • Business skills required for the professional musician

    Rock Band is a performance-focused course. Students WILL:

    • practice outside of class
    • have excellent attendance
    • be prepared to rehearse in class everyday
    • participate in all mandatory performances

    Course Objectives

              Students will demonstrate proficiency in these basic skills:

    • understand a variety of musical notation styles, including but not limited to:
      • chord charts
      • traditional musical notation
      • Nashville number system
      • etc.
    • demonstrate improvisational skills via their knowledge of musical theory as well as detailed study of great musicians
    • understand the nuances of all genres of popular music
    • have a keen knowledge of their function in a rhythm section
    • understand stage performance techniques that captivate an audience
    • efficiently communicate in professional musical terms
    • apply professional rehearsal techniques
    • understand basic set-up and function of sound equipment for both rehearsals & performances
    • sing backup vocals anywhere required while playing their primary instrument
    • learn a secondary instrument
    • apply show-band choreography when musically appropriate

    Performances, participation and promptness guidelines. Students will:

    • participate in all mandatory scheduled activities in their entirety:
      • Loading equipment
      • Set-up
      • Performance
      • Tear down
      • Unloading equipment
    • understand that once a performance is scheduled participation is mandatory.
    • understand the severity of missing any scheduled performance. The nature of commercial music ensembles imposes a great responsibility on each member of the band toward the overall sound and performance. Each absence affects not only you, but the entire ensemble as well as the audience that has taken the time to attend the concert.

    Mandatory Performances and Technical Rehearsals

    All Rock Band members MUST participate in the following concerts and technical rehearsals or be subject to removal from Rock Band/Studio Music class:

    • Winter Concert and Technical Rehearsal (2 nights)
    • Original Un-plugged Concert and Technical Rehearsal (2 nights)
    • Spring Concert and Technical Rehearsal (2 nights)


    • Rock Band class was created to teach the real world application of musical skills.
    • Students will attain both the musical and business acumen in order for them to participate in a music career at professional levels.
    • Guitar players and bass players must furnish their own instruments, cables, picks, effects and supplies.  Amplification will be provided.
    • Drummers and keyboardists may use instruments provided.
    • Students are encouraged to use ear-plugs


Last Modified on May 11, 2022