• Keyboard Advanced

                                                          COURSE SYLLABUS – Piano/Keyboarding Advanced

                                    Room#: 2-107                                     Grade Level: 9-12      

                               Course Credit: 1 credit                                 Prerequisite: Keyboard 1 

                            Instructor: Dean Marino                      E-mail: Dean.Marino@marion.k12.fl.us  


    These courses are designed for the student who completes Keyboard 1 or beyond.

    Literature will be chosen to fit the student’s needs and skill level.


    In addition to improving skills/concepts learned in Keyboard 1 students will further study:

    • advanced technique
    • an understanding of the pianistic style of the compositions learned
    • advanced live performance abilities
    • vocal accompaniment
    • composition skills
    • music sight reading
    • integrating theory and form with the material being studied.
    • piano duets
    • arranging songs
    • advanced practice techniques.

    Materials Needed:

    All students must provide:

    • Their own headphones. These can be earbuds or larger.
    • Miniplug to 1/4 inch adaptor - to enable headphones to plug into keyboards
    • Staff paper and something to write with at all times.



    Items used for grade calculations:

    • completion & integrity of assignments
    • written projects
    • exams
    • quizzes
    • student class presentations
    • daily work habits
    • class participation

    Weekly Work Habits

    Piano Rubric

    Grading category breakdown:

    • Homework assignments - 10%
    • Class presentations, participation and work habits - 25%
    • Projects and tests - 65%
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