Health Insurance

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    Marketplace Exchange Notice


    Medicare Part D Notice of Coverage

    COBRA Benefits

    COBRA is a federal law established to allow employees and their covered dependents, which lose their insurance coverage, an extension of that coverage (health, dental or vision insurance) for up to 18 months or 36 months depending on the qualifying event. An employee has 60 days to notify us of an event.


    Qualifying Event + Loss of Coverage = COBRA

    Examples of qualifying events are:

    1. Termination of employment.
    2. Reduction in hours (includes leave of absence).
    3. Death of employee (Spouse and family is offered COBRA).
    4. Ineligible dependent (Over age limit or no longer lives at home).
    5. Divorce or Legal Separation.
    6. Medicare entitlement.


    *** 18 Months of COBRA coverage is offered to employees who terminate their employment or have a reduction of hours.

    *** 36 Months of COBRA coverage is offered when the event is death, divorce, legal separation, ineligibility of a dependent, or Medicare entitlement.

    Health Insurance Change Information


    (1) When can you withdraw from family health insurance coverage?

    • Because health insurance deductions are placed automatically under the cafeteria program you cannot withdraw from your family coverage during the calendar year without a family status or job status change. However, at the end of the year changes can be made that will be effective for January 1st of the following year.

    (2) What is a family status change or a job status change?

    • If you get married, divorced, lose a spouse or dependent or have a new baby, this qualifies as a status change. A job status change is when your spouse changes jobs and is initially offered benefits by the new employer. However, it is very important that you understand that you only have thirty- (30) days from the date of the status change to add or remove the coverage. Economic reasons do not constitute a family status change.

    (3) If I am on single coverage can I add my family any time?

    • No. However, under the HIPPA law you are eligible to add family coverage within thirty- (30) days under the "Special Enrollment Rights"
    • *(1) If you decline enrollment for yourself or your dependents (including your spouse) because you have other health insurance coverage, you may in the future be able to enroll yourself and/or your dependent(s) in the health care plan offered by your employer, provided that you request, by submission of an individual application to the carrier through Risk Management within thirty (30) days after your other health insurance coverage ends.
    • Loss of eligibility for health coverage is defined as loss of coverage as a result of legal separations, divorce, death, termination of employment, or reduction in the number of hours of employment, or discontinuation of any contributions toward the health coverage plan by the employer.
    • *Please note that voluntary termination of health insurance coverage does not mean a loss of eligibility for coverage. You are not entitled to special enrollment if your health insurance policy is terminated due to the failure to pay premiums.
    • (2) If you should gain a new dependent as a result of marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption, you may enroll yourself and your new dependents provided that you request enrollment by submission of an individual application to Risk Management within thirty (30) days after the marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption.

    (4) If I am hired late in the school year and choose family coverage will the health insurance premiums deducted from my paycheck cover me through the summer months???

    • In most cases you would not have enough premiums paid to carry you through the summer months. However, the Benefits Section would contact you with the amount that would need to be paid. You have several different options that you can choose from to pay the payments before the summer. Please contact the Benefits Section if you have additional questions.

    (5) If my spouse works for the Marion County School Board can we get a reduced rate on family coverage?

    • Yes. For rate information please check the health insurance rate page.

    (6) If I terminate my employment with the Marion County School Board can I keep my insurance?

    • Please refer to the COBRA Benefits above.

    Leave of Absence -- Benefits


    • If you are planning on taking a leave of absence you are certainly going to be concerned about the continuation of your health and life insurance benefits.
    • As long as you are on "paid" leave of absence your insurance will continue in a normal status. The Board will continue to pay their portion of the insurance premium on you and you will have the optional premiums deducted from your paycheck.
    • However, if you are going to be on "uncompensated" leave of absence you must make arrangements through the Benefits Section to pay your premiums within thirty- (30) days of your last paid day. This will prevent you from having a break in coverage. Any questions please call 671-6910.
    • We encourage all employees that anticipate going on an "uncompensated" leave of absence to contact the Benefits Section with any questions.