Flexible Spending

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

    Each year the employees of the Marion County School Board have the opportunity to participate in a tax saving “Flexible Spending Account” (FSA) Program. This program provides a way to save hundreds of dollars on “pre-tax” deductions.

    The (FSA) is a benefit to those employees that have child care costs or non–reimbursed medical expenses up to the I.R.S. allowed amount. The program also allows payroll deductions for certain insurance premiums to be tax exempt.

    Employees who participate in the flexible spending account (FSA) plan must re-enroll every year prior to winter break.

    At the time you sign up for a flexible spending account, or have enrolled in an insurance plan which has premiums deducted before taxes, you have committed yourself for that particular calendar year. You cannot withdraw from the program or quit insurance coverage before the end of that calendar year, unless you have certain changes in your family or job status. The IRS governs all rules for the FSA program and our third party administrator, Eagles Benefits, must approve any mid-year changes.

    For more information Eagles Benefits can be reached at 1-800-726-5603 or support@eaglesbenefits.com. You may also call Risk Management at 671-6910.