• All work wil be submitted through MICROSOFT TEAMS.  More info wil follow.






    Student Portfolios will need to be finished and submitted to teacher by May 1st, for final check and verification.  Once approved they will be forwarded to the review board and results will be available in early July.  Students earning a passing score of a 3 or higher will recieve an elective credit on the college course work load.


    Syllabus & Deadline Calendar


    1st & 2nd Semester

    Please read (carefully) and consult the accompanying AP Syllabus prepared by the College Board for clear information on and requirements for AP Courses. This course has three areas; concentration, quality, and breadth.  Students will select a concentration for this "years" work, similar to theme.  The breadth of work should demonstrate a variety of techniques, such as.. slab, coil, wheel, different firing techniques, or glazing.  Quality typically comes from concentration, it will need to represent the students best work.  Students will photograph their work and submit it through a digital portfolio to college board in early May.


    The concentration should show growth from piece to piece and all sections should conclude with the artist strongest work.  Leaving the AP readers most impressed at the conclusion.


    Summer assignments will include identifying concentration and capturing ideas/ concepts for creation.  My desire is for students to be prepared with sketches and know the direction they are heading to best utilize class time for actually creating work.  The sketchbook should contain multiple sketches of each piece for your concentration and may have several revisions or alterations. These sketches must be completed and approved Prior to construction to make certain they fall in line with college expectations.


    To receive college credit students will need to earn a score of a 3.0 or higher.  The scale is based on a 1-6 (Poor, Weak, Moderate, Good, Strong, Excellent).  


    You will have approximately three weeks to complete each piece.


    Required work and due dates are as follows:



    Students will complete a minimum of 8 projects for Portfolio submission which typically takes place the first week of May.  This 2019-2020 year the college board has made changes so students will be required for a concentration and quality section only. 

    End of School day- College Board Exam-Portfolio Submission           


    1st Semester Exam:  A written statement of your direction/concentration is required. This should include medium and discussion of subject in good grammar and complete sentences.  The discussion must be an evaluation of your concentration and its direction.  Strengths and weaknesses must be discussed with possible improvement.   It must also include an evaluation of the 12 breadth pieces as well allowing for the creation of other pieces to strengthen the lot.  The 5 quality pieces must be written and explained as to why they were chosen.



    Art Grading Rubric
    Teacher Name: Greg Smith      
    CATEGORY 9-10 Excellent (90 - 100) 8 Good (80 - 89) 7   Moderate  (70 - 79) 6 or less Poor (60 - 69)or less
    Concept Preparation & Sketch Carefully planned project with several sketches. Excellent details, precession and pride is clearly demonstrated. Well Planned sketch with good details. Sketched forms are proportionate and balanced.    Sketch has some flaws and some effort was demonstrated. Sketched forms are unbalanced and not proportionate.   Either no sketch was created or with little effort. Forms are sloppy and messy with no attention to detail.
    Design & Form Artist has strong control of clay, created shape & form are well balanced. Weight is light to the feel. Project shows a basic form & some design elements. Created project has very little movement shown in form and very little design. Object was created with minimal thought about design and form is flat and shows no movement.
    Originality and Theme Truly one of a kind project. Theme is clearly visible and easily understood. Some degree of uniqueness and some theme visible. Little individuality or uniqueness demonstrated. Little to no theme visible. No originality demonstrated, a copy, or no theme.
    Surface Texture & Glazing Surface texture is applied in well thought out areas and works well with the glaze application. Glaze is evenly coated with colors that agree with each other. Either warm or cool colors. Surface texture is visible and applied in an organized manner . Texture is debris-free.  Glaze application is evenly coated with either warm or cool colors. Random unrelated application of texture that does not work well with design. Texture was applied with a needle tool.  Glaze is uneven or thinly applied. Clay body is visible under glaze. No texture, project is bare, or looks unfinished. Glaze coats are irregular and colors do not coordinate with each other.  The clay body is visible under glazed areas is multiple areas.
    Completeness and Following Parameters Project met all requirements. Student worked diligently, mentored others. Constructed with careful attention to detail, great pride is evident in work. Project met most requirements. Student worked diligently, assisted with set-up and clean-up. Constructed with some attention to detail and some precision of work. Project met some requirements. Student did bare minimum, did little to help others or cleaning up. Project was not completed on time.  Construction looks sloppy or messy and unfinished. Project did not meet most requirements or techniques to be used. Project was late and construction was poor quality. Pieces fell apart, score marks are visible.  Very unfinished.