• 6Th Grade World History/ Advanced World History

    August 2017-May 2018

    Ms. Shamica Shim

    Course Description:  This course will use various strategies (direct instruction, inquiry-based lessons, web-based technology, collaborative projects and high-interest content) to engage and challenge students in order to accelerate their levels of proficiency in the areas of world history, critical thinking and writing.

    Resources:  Ancient Civilizations Textbook and Supplemental materials (films, maps,etc)

    Teacher Contact Information:  E-mail:  Shamica.shim@marion.k12.fl.us; Phone Number:  671-6035 x56260

     I will answer phone calls before and after school until 4:00pm. Feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you within one school day.

    I encourage all parents to provide their phone number or email address to be added to ‘Remind’ (an app that allows me to remind the parents of any assignments that are due and when each assignment is due. I will send out an additional form for parents to fill out, so you can be added to the contact list.

    For this school year, each student will need the following supplies by Wednesday, August 16, 2017.

    Supplies list:

    • One 1” inch binder
    • 1 Pack of Index cards
    • 1 Pack of Looseleaf Paper
    • Dividers
    • One box of Tissues
    • Hand sanitizer

    Binder: Each student is required to have a binder. The binder is checked at the end of every quarter. It is to hold all bell work, essential questions, vocabulary, quizzes, test, graded assignments, and notes.

    Homework: Homework is assigned every Monday and is due the following Monday. Homework is assigned from the textbook.

    Classwork: All classwork is due at the end of class unless otherwise stated. If a student is not finished, he/she is welcome to take the work home, but must bring it back completed for a grade.

    Projects: There will be a project at the end of every semester. More details on the project is to come at the end of September.


    • There will be several quizzes that will cover the material covered in class. Quizzes may come in the form of a pop quiz, vocabulary quiz or a map quiz. There will be review before any assessment. If a student cheats on any assessment, it is an automatic zero.


    • There will one test per lesson. There will be a study guide that is sent home two weeks before the test. Students can use their notebooks to study, but are not allowed to use it on the test. It is important that each student’s notebook is up-to-date and accurate as the notebook will be the main study guide for exams.


    Assessments:  Homework, quizzes, tests, performance evaluations, portfolios, projects, group collaborations, classwork, and graphic organizers.


    Grading Policy:                                       

                                                                     Homework/ Notebook/Binder                             10%       

                                                                     Quizzes/ Classwork                                           40%

                                                                      Tests/Projects                                                  50%                       


    Homework and Missing Assignments Policy:  Late homework, projects and assignments will not be accepted. Students are reminded of the homework, assignments, and projects that are due daily. Students are also required to cop down the homework on Monday. All homework assignments will be due on Thursday or Friday, depending on their block as Thursday’s and Friday’s are block days.  

    Absences:  Upon student’s return to class, it is the student’s responsibility to ask for assignments. Students will have the same amount of days he/she is absent to turn in any missing assignments. If assignments are not turned in at the end of the allotted time, the assignments will be given a zero. All assignments are availabe via the webpage or Skyward. Specifics are available via Skyward. Assessments will be made up upon return.