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  • Earth Space Science Curriculum Topics 2019-2020:

    1st nine weeks - Nature of Science / Earth’s Structure & Energy / Plate Tectonics - (QSMA 1)

    2nd nine weeks-  Plate Tectonics / Earth’s History - ( QSMA 2)

    3rd nine weeks - Weather/ Water Cycle / Oceans - (QSMA 3)

    4th nine weeks - Stars and Universe / Review for CSMA

    * CSMA= Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assessment

    * QSMA= Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment 


     Supplies to bring to class:

    3 ring binder- 1 1/2 inch

    Loose leaf paper

    Glue sticks 

    Pencils/erasers- mechanical or traditional 


    3 ring binder pencil case

    Additional items such as colored pencils, rulers, scissors, and other supplies for projects and labs (advanced notice will be given when to bring to class)

    Grading Policy

    Homework                                  10%

    Class/Daily Assigments, Quizzes   50%

    Test, Projects, and Presentations  40% 


    Students are to arrive to class on time and be prepared for class.  At the beginning of class, students are to begin Bell Work and read the Common Board. Parents are to check child's planner each night and help your child complete their assignments, study, and review for upcoming quizzez and tests.  To keep up with ongoing assigments, students can check my webpage on a daily basis to see what assigments need to be completed.  In addition, students are to check their portal(Skyward) at home, library and school on a weekly basis to see their progress.  When a child is absent they have missed and are responsible to make up the missed assignments.

    Students are encouraged to use the restroom between classes and during their lunch period to keep interruptions to a minimum during instructional time. 

    If you need to contact me, Please call (352) 671-6325 ext. 52168 and leave a message or you may email me at

    I am looking forward to a awesome year. Go Cougars!