Exam Information

  • Certification exams are available through computer-based testing. For further information or registration, please click here. Complete preparation guides can be downloaded at this web site.


    TEST-OUT OPTION: Passing any bachelor-level subject area exam will qualify as demonstration of subject specialization under State Rule. Once passed, you must add the area to your certificate for a processing fee of $75 per subject. It is recommended that you apply to add the new subject area to your certificate as soon as a subject area exam is passed. Passing scores are only valid for 10 years. If the new area is not added to your certificate, a retake will be required after 10 years has passed. The testing option for addition is not available for master-level subjects.


    All Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE) are administered via computer-based administrations. Internet registration is required for all exams, click here to go to their website. The Pearson Testing Center in Gainesville is the closest testing site to Marion County residents. However, if you wish to schedule a review appointment following an unsuccessful attempt, this particular site is not equipped to offer that option.


    Exam costs are $130 for General Knowledge, $150 for Professional Education, $150 for subject area exams and retakes. Retakes for 3 or less subtests in Elementary Ed & PreK-Primary Ed range from $37.50 - $112.50. The FELE (Florida Educational Leadership Examination) is $215 and $225 for a retake in 2 or more subtests. Retake in a single subtest is $150. Official results will not be mailed to, but instead it is your responsibility to print a copy when you receive the email notification. The notification will be sent to you within 3-weeks after testing, unless you took an exam with an essay portion which could take up to 6-weeks. However “unofficial” instant results are available the same day, except during times of exam modifications and revisions, and in the case of exams with essay portions.


    Effective July 1, 2015, the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) which is a pre-requisite for many master's programs, is also an acceptable way to meet the General Knowledge exam requirement for professional certification eligibility. Scores must be earned in/after July 1, 2015. Qualifying scores are: 4 out of 6 for Analytical Writing, 151 or higher in Verbal Reasoning, and 147 or higher in Quantitative Reasoning. The official hardcopy score report is required. 


    All passing test results are forwarded automatically to the state, however it is the employee's responsibility to provide MCPS Employment Services with an official score report. 


    PREPARATION INFORMATION: Complete preparation guides may be downloaded free of charge from the testing website.  Test competencies information is available online from a link on the BEC website or directly here. The State also offers an online review module to help prepare for the Elementary Education K-6 exam, click here to go to their website. For information pertaining to upcoming FREE test preparation courses, click here.


    EXAM FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  Contingent upon budget approval each year, Title I & II dollars are available to assist current out-of-field personnel who are taking a subject area exam to become in field. Upon request, reimbursement is available for one test fee administration of $150 for the purpose of becoming infield for your current assignment during the instructional contract period. The exam result must produce a passing score to qualify for the reimbursement. The reimbursement will not be processed until the subject has been added to your certificate. Exam dates and receipt of the new certificate which reflects the addition must be completed in the same year which reimbursement is requested. Due to the nature of these earmarked grant funds, the deadline for submission and all supporting documentation is June 1st of each year. The Exam Reimbursement Request form is available in Employment Services and must be submitted for verification before it will be forwarded for processing of payment.