Alternative Certification Routes

  • Marion County Public Schools is proud to offer the Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP), a state-approved competency-based program through which teachers holding a temporary teaching certificate can earn a Florida Professional Certificate. The program offers a blended experience of online module instruction and in-person training provided by experts in our district. The candidate will be paired with a mentor during the first year of the program who will provide weekly support and guidance throughout the completion process. PDCP is a highly economical certification pathway providing job-embedded learning that will complement and enhance the teacher’s instructional impact. For more information visit the Marion County Public Schools PDCP website.


    Additionally, Education Preparation Institutes (EPIs) are an alternative method (other than the traditional coursework route) for completion of professional education requirements for non-education majors. Many colleges offer approved EPI programs which honor the professional education college courses and the professional education competency requirement. Successful completion of an EPI will meet professional certification eligibility requirements.  A complete state-approved EPI providers list can be found at Also, an approved testing route is available with the American Board Certification Passport to Teaching. For information visit the American Board Certification Passport for Teaching website or phone 1-877-669-2228.