Certification Information

  • Contacts for Certification

    Dianna Thompson, Certification Specialist
    Phone: (352)671-7781

    Mary Burke, Assistant Certification Specialist
    Phone: (352)671-7517

    Robert Grissom, Clerk Specialist


    Starting with 3-yr Non-Renewable Temporary Certificate or 5-yr Renewable Professional Certificate:

    Instructional applicants must qualify for certification before an employment application can be activated. Certification applicants who are graduates from non-education degree programs may qualify for a 3-Year Non-Renewable Initial Temporary certificate thru one of the following three routes:


    1. Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage via a course-review of credits earned at a college or university whose accreditation is recognized by the US Department of Education. "Subject Requirements" may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site.
    2. Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage in a Bachelor’s area by passing the subject area exam.
    3. Meet “Certification Subjects” coverage thru successful completion of an approved route of alternative certification. "Alternative & Traditional Certification" pathways may be viewed at DOE - Bureau of Educator Certification web site. The certification application process begins with Educator Certification and the cost is $75.00 for each subject requested. Also needed are official transcripts and copies of any valid out-of-state certificates.


    An initial 5-year renewable Professional Certificate may be requested for applicants who 1) graduate from a State-Approved Teacher Education Degree Program and have passed all Florida exams, 2) completed an Educator Preparation Institute and have passed all Florida exams, 3) have a valid reciprocal out-of-state standard certificate, or 4) completed all professional education requirements by way of a Temporary-to-Professional certificate.


    Once initial certification in a subject area has been determined, click here for a complete listing of requirements for a 5-Year Renewable Initial Professional certificate.

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